My life completely changed on that first retreat...
— Carly, Seattle

I grew up in a conservative Christian home and was struggling to transition into adulthood with many of the limiting beliefs I had surrounding myself and my sexuality. I was desperately searching for some kind of guidance so that I could truly experience all the joy, peace and acceptance that I'd heard the church talking about but could never feel for myself.

A friend sent me a link to Morgan's work and it instantly resonated with me. I remember thinking, 'This is it! This is my medicine.' I'm in my early twenties and am by no means financially privileged. I reached out to Morgan and asked to attend her Palm Springs Sophia Retreat immediately. I knew the money and courage it would take to attend the retreat would be insignificant in comparison to the freedom I'd receive. And I decided that my wellbeing was the most important and worthy investment I could ever make.

My life completely changed on that first retreat and I've since attended another. Sophia Retreats are something I've decided to make a priority in my life because they enable me to heal and not feel alone on my inner work journey.  I've started to experience true and deep joy, peace and acceptance for the first time in my life thanks to Morgan's work. My sexuality and womanhood has become a point of celebration instead of pain. I am forever changed and forever grateful.

Carly Carson

The Sophia Retreat was my answer to lifelong prayers of Belonging.
— Kailey, Vancouver B.C.

For most of my life I’ve felt alone in my faith and pursuit of wholeness- like a mermaid who swims in the deep. I tend to overwhelm others with my feelings and pursuit of healing and Truth. I’ve longed to have community where I felt seen and understood. I’ve desired sisterhood where I was celebrated. I’ve dreamt of feeling free around other women, unashamed of who I am and how God made me. 

The Sophia Retreat was my answer to lifelong prayers of Belonging. 

I’ve never felt such spaciousness-  to come as I am, the broken and the beautiful. I’ve never felt more connected to the femininity that bonds us. And we did it all with joy, reverence and awe- in ourselves and each other. 

I loved being able to integrate the spiritual and the feminine through practices like, sensual dance movement, breath work, meditation and blessing circles. 

It was truly a life changing experience- like Heaven on Earth. I never wanted to leave- the work, the women or the space! I’m forever changed, returning home a different woman. 

Kailey Veenstra

I was honest about my skepticism and Morgan met me with grace and understanding. And because of that, I am changed. Truly changed.
— Lindsey Appiah

Here I am almost a week after my first Sophia retreat experience and I am still processing my thoughts and feelings about the retreat. Walking into the weekend, to say I was trepidatious and unsure of what to expect would be an understatement. A little background, I am an African American, East Coast attorney. Each of those descriptors come with a whole host of truths about who I am. As a black woman, strength is my biggest ally. Vulnerability is unsafe because I exist in spaces that can be pretty hostile to me and my strength is really often armor in a world that requires that I be tough if I want to make it through relatively unscathed. As a woman from the East Coast, I am sarcastic and aggressive and tell it like it is in my demeanor. As a professional woman, and particularly a lawyer, much of my life is lived from the neck up engaging my mind as the most important organ I access, logic rules the day, and I live primarily in my masculine energy. But, even with the truth and applicability of all of those descriptors, I am a woman and I believe that God has placed a desire to access my femininity deep in me. And this year, I have been unable to ignore that pull.  

Enter the Sophia Retreat. I believe firmly in divine accidents and this year, I have been very intentional in seeking out spaces, and guides, to find my way back to myself. The more I have walked that path, the more those opportunities have appeared. One such divine accident was discovering Morgan's Instagram through the Explorer page. I'm not even really sure how it happened but I did and clicked on her page, found my way to her website and to the retreat. I knew immediately I needed to go. I also knew that it would stretch me. It did. But it is the type of stretching that has led me truly back to myself- The free, whole little girl I was before all of the cares of life caused me to chameleon into who I needed to be to navigate spaces that were challenging and unfriendly. A delight. I was honest about my skepticism and Morgan met me with grace and understanding. And because of that, I am changed. Truly changed. I am still the tough, strong, me who walked into that house in Portland. But I am also the sweet, silly, fun, sexy woman who is moving towards embodiment. It's not magic and the work never ends but I now have tools to help me to continue digging. 

If you are like me and are not sure that there is space for you at a retreat like this, I encourage you to go. You deserve to be there. You deserve to be in safe spaces to explore the fullness of who you are. Morgan will hold space for you and in that space she holds, you will find so much peace and joy and challenge and fear and anxiety and whimsy and delight and you.  

Lindsey Appiah

To say it was a blessing is to say too little. This was life changing. 

— Flor, San Jose

I’m sitting at the airport pondering on every word, experience, and message delivered to my soul these past four days. To say it was a blessing is to say too little. This was life changing. 

Much like the Israelites, I’ve been wandering in the desert for years, searching, complaining, crying out, and feeling unheard. But the spirit was so kind and gentle with me. It lovingly showed me that all I needed to do was surrender. Lay myself down and I would be carried in to freedom.

Your willingness to give and share, along with the other women present, have been instrumental in helping me open up the doors to my heart, soul, and spirit. And in return, I have been filled with the Spirit of love, grace, peace, and joy. I am finally home and I can finally see that I am not alone.

I look forward to seeking the face of God, embracing the feminine, looking to the Mother, the Maiden, and the Goddess, that already reside in me, for their wisdom, their beauty, their goodness, and truth, to keep me moving forward in my journey.

I am forever grateful.  Thank you for being bold and following the desire of your heart to help women like me.

Flor Deleon

My only advice is to put this experience at the top of your priority list. It’s invaluable. A must-attend.
— Lauren, Portland
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 3.12.24 PM.png

The Sophia retreat is all the best parts of sisterhood wrapped into a week.

Morgan creates a safe and inviting space for you to be you, sans judgment. It was exhilarating to air all of my questions, struggles, and curiosities in a group of women who were open and receptive. I have not felt this kind of freedom in church circles of women, or even in my closest friendships. My heart was breaking, and yet celebrating that the Sophia Experience was the first time I had permission to do this. If even a small part of you is considering this, follow that nudge. It will open you up to a world of inner healing and radical kindness to this body you live and breathe in. Learning the ways of a Sophia is essential for any woman seeking wholeness and health, primarily in relationship to her own body. 

The fact that I am single (and a virgin) almost prevented me attending one of the most transformational weekends of my life. Don’t count yourself out if your story feels different than others. Lean into it and you’ll discover it’s actually your strength. 

You cannot put a monetary value on this weekend. How do you put a price on a healthy sex life? Or having a better relationship with your body? Or feeling supremely confident when you step out the door and face the world as a woman? My only advice is to put this experience at the top of your priority list. It’s invaluable. A must-attend. 

Lauren, Single with a Happy Heart

This was the first time I had experienced anything like this in a group of women. It was incredibly beautiful and healing (and so so fun!!)

— Denette, California

I came into the Sophia Retreat with Intention to push myself out of my comfort zone. I expected to dig into sexuality and issues there. While that did happen something more was meant for me. Another deep wound I wasn't intending to dig into received healing. 

I didn't know any of the ladies and we would be sharing a house, even a bed (hello pushed comfort zone). I had big fear based on heartbreak from women and girls in my past. 

Morgan's presence as coach and waymaker held space for me to become conscious and dive into these wounded parts of me. To greive them and set them free. 

By the end of the week we truly felt like sisters, listening, loving, laughing, holding each other up in prayer and encouragement. 

One of the memories I hold dear is a photoshoot Morgan organized for us. (comfort zone pushed) We all joyfully celebrated each other as women in our power, beauty, and sexiness - Without diminishing ourselves! Huge! This was the first time I had experienced anything like this in a group of women. It was incredibly beautiful and healing (and so so fun!!)

Now back to reality of husband and kids and life I carry this healing, those moments and my sisters in my heart. Now I lean into freedom more, love even more, cheer for women more and try to leave little sparkles of love And light wherever I go. 

If you are playing with the idea of retreat, You Need to be here!

Don't let fear stop you!

There is something deep and beautiful here for you. 

Come see what it is.